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Another heatwave!

Well, the Boston area sure has had it’s share of 90+ degree days so far this summer and we’re only partway through it!

HVAC Boston Air Conditioning Heat Wave

The folks at AccuaAire are out there working on days like this just like everybody else, so we thought we’d share a couple of tips to keep yourself cool on days like these.  Ideally you can go indoors and relax in the air conditioning, but if not:

Stay Hydrated.  Keep drinking to keep healthy.  Hot tea (skip the beer) will go a long toward keeping you hydrated AND cooler.  A hot drink will help you to sweat and that is the body’s natural way of cooling itself. That beer may seen cool and refreshing, but alcohol can cause dehydration.

Eat something spicy!  Like a hot drink, spice food will heat you up on the inside to start cooling you off!

Wear loose clothes and get wet once in a while if you can.  Damp skin and cool breeze work wonders.

We did a job on Newbury Street in Boston and the Frog Pond was just down the street in the Boston Common.  The children playing there had the right idea running in and out of the fountains and splashing around!

And remember, if you are lucky enough to have air conditioning, make sure the filter gets a regular cleaning.  A dirty filter will decrease the efficiency of your system.

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